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‘Bury’ yourself in the history of The Way

‘Bury’ yourself in the history of The Way

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The young people of Wolverhampton have a unique and historic chance to be engraved in the history of The Way Youth Zone as we today launch our city-wide Time Capsule Competition.

This momentous opportunity will give the chance for the city’s young people to submit an item that they would like to be added to our Youth Zone’s time capsule before it is buried in the ground.

We are looking for ideas that young people will find interesting and that reflect life for a young person in 2015, come 50 years’ time.

Items could include photos that relate to the Youth Zone or specific information about school, family life or about the City as it currently is. Young people may opt for popular trends such as films, games, fashion and I.T in the form of a piece of art, a poem or even a song from the present day!

Young people may even choose to submit something that reflects their culture or it may represent the diverse and multi-cultural community in which we live.

Remember, the time-capsule will not be opened until 2065 – at the earliest!

Steven Brown, Youth Work Manager at the Way Youth Zone said: “This is a great opportunity for the young people of the city to be a part of history. The Youth Zone will be in Wolverhampton for years to come and it’s important we recognise the values of The Way through this young people’s time capsule competition.”

The competition will be judged by our Young People’s Development Group who have chosen to submit The Way’s membership form. They will choose 10 winners and their submissions will be placed into the capsule.

Submission items should not exceed a width of 20cm – approximately the size of an A4 sheet of paper – so think small!

Entries are welcome from all young people aged 8-19, or up to 25 with a disability from Wolverhampton and must be sent with details of the young person including their name, age, address, contact telephone number and parental contact details (if under 16 years of age).

All items should be sent to: The Way Youth Zone, Express and Star, 51 – 53, Queen’s Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1ES.

Deadline for entries is Monday 16th November.

Winners will invited to a photo shoot at the Youth Zone alongside Council and The Way representatives on Tuesday 24th November.

You can tweet us your ideas too on social networking site Twitter: @TheWayYouthZone – don’t forget to hash-tag #100happyways.