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Celebrating Volunteers’ Week – Mitchell Hubble – From Volunteer Mentor to Mentoring Support Youth Worker

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week – Mitchell Hubble – From Volunteer Mentor to Mentoring Support Youth Worker

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2018 – I was searching for a new job towards the end of my role I had previously and saw the opportunity to volunteer with The Way Mentoring Programme and after doing some research about the programme and The Way I really wanted to have the chance to be a part of it. I was made to feel welcomed and felt like part of the team even through the interview, training and being shown around the place.

Since starting I have had the best support I could’ve imagined. I’ve had regular training and refresher opportunities, attended meetings and the chance to work alongside other mentors. From all of that, I have gained a brilliant amount of experience and knowledge of mentoring that is constantly expanding with each day I have this opportunity. On top of that I got the chance to socialise with other mentors and young people through trips, activities & various outings with the team which helped our development as a team and individuals.

Being a mentor has made me feel proud and has gave me purpose to work towards. It has made an impact on me as much as it has for any mentees that I’ve had the privilege of supporting. I feel the impact I’ve had on young people is something they can take away with them as memories, dealing with certain situations in a positive way and helped their ability to turn negative into positive. The feedback I have had from parents is always good to hear and helps me to acknowledge even the slightest positive changes and makes me proud to know I played my part in supporting their positive changes.

I decided to apply for the Mentor Support Youth Worker role as I really wanted to provide all mentors on the team with any support I possibly could. I wanted to take the skills and knowledge gained from my mentoring relationships and working with young people to fellow aspiring mentors. It has also allowed me to set up mentoring based activities, meetings and trips for the mentoring team and the young people on the programme.

I have gained a lot more of an insight into the day to day running of a successful mentoring programme and it has allowed me to understand just how unique each mentoring relationship is. Through volunteers from all different walks of life and backgrounds I have learned a lot from each of them and have been able to share everything I have gained since being a volunteer and in this role back with them and future mentors joining this truly fantastic team.

The team and management have supported me both in work life and personal life. I couldn’t wish to be part of a better team that have been so understanding, patient and inspiring. It has taught me a lot about myself in terms of potential, resilience and motivation. I will always remember this opportunity as THE opportunity that really built a platform for me to constantly strive for better,  both for myself and anyone I support along the way. I will forever be thankful to The Way Mentoring Programme.

Mitchell Hubble
Mentoring Support Youth Worker