Ladies, prepare to feel empowered. Our friends at Shakti Women are putting on a couple of brilliant events for young women aged 13-19 years old. It’s completely FREE, you just have to book your place HERE.

Imagine a world where every girl from birth to womanhood is nurtured and developed to reach her potential. Imagine a world where you’re empowered with skills, knowledge, confidence and networks to navigate. Imagine a world where the next generation builds on the successes of the previous and we really begin to see the true advancement of women everywhere.
The team at Shakti Women believe that each of us can play some small or big role in creating that world but today our focus is on all of those ‘incredibly successful women in waiting’ and how they can assist them on their journey to a life of success and happiness.

The day will involve games, activities, information and learning designed to help young women embrace the goddess within and aid ‘her’ on her journey.

We believe that it is never too early to begin learning the skills of success so we really hope you’ll be able to attend.

Personal Development – Understand You
Empowerment – Trusting Your Voice & Using It
Aspirations – What are Your Ambitions?
Being Positive – the Mindset for Life
Mindfulness – Being Aware, Being Conscious
Happiness – Where to Find it, How to Keep it.

Thursday 27th October 10am – 2pm
Friday 28th October 10am – 2pm

The event is completely free and you don’t have to be a member of The Way Youth Zone to get involved. You must be a women aged 13-18 and book your place at

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