Holiday Club FAQs

Holiday Club FAQs

Have a look below for further information about our Holiday Club


How do I book a place?
Go to Book a Session to log in and choose the days that you would like your child to attend.

Does my child have to be a member of The Way?
Yes, membership costs £5 a year. You can join by clicking here

What if I need to cancel a place?
Bookings are non-refundable. Please cancel your booking if your child is unable to attend as we have limited places and may have a reserve list. You can cancel your booking through , simply put in your details and click continue. Then click onto “My Booking” at the top of the calendar page to see your bookings and cancel.

Do I have to book activities?
No, you don’t need to book specific activities, just make sure your child is booked onto the dates you need.

How do I book a HAF funded place?
When you put in your details to book a session, the calendar of sessions that will come up will show HAF places seperately. If you believe you qualify for a HAF place but do not get the option on the calendar, please contact us.  
If you do not have your HAF code, contact the HAF Hotline on 01902 916994.

I can’t remember what days I have booked, how do I check?
Go to Book a Session , simply put in your details and click continue. Then click onto “My Booking” at the top of the calendar page to see your bookings.


What activities will be on offer?
We will have a rotation of activities throughout the day, including rock climbing, team games, arts and crafts, karaoke, music and lots more.

What if my child doesn’t want to take part in an activity?
There is always a choice of activities for the children to choose from, some energetic and some quieter activities. We aim to provide a variety to suit all children.

What should they wear?
There will be physical activity so trainers are best and there will be art and craft activities so your child may get there clothes messy. Please don’t send them in anything that they would be upset about getting dirty.

Also, if the weather forecast if for warm weather we will be holding some activities outdoors, so please send them with a sun hat, sun cream and a refillable water bottle. 


Are meals included?
Yes, we will provide a light breakfast and a hot, nutritionally balanced lunch. There will be drinking water available throughout the day.

My child is a picky eater, can they bring a packed lunch?
We understand how picky children can be with their food. They can bring a nutritionally balanced packed lunch but please don’t send them with convenience food such as instant noodles.

What time do they have their meals?
Breakfast is available from 9:00-9:30am and lunch is between 12:00 and 1:00pm.


Do we have to turn up at 9:00am?
No, we are flexible on arrival and departure times, but we prefer all children to arrive before the end of breakfast, before the activities begin.

Can my child leave on their own at the end of Holiday Club or do they have to be collected?
Your child can only be allowed to leave on their own if we have prior consent from their parent / carer.

Does my child have to stay for the whole day?
No, you can collect your child at anytime.

Can my child stay on for the evening session after Holiday Club?
Unfortunately, we do not allow children to stay on for the evening session if they have attended the holiday club during the day. This can lead to very tired children and an increase in behaviour issues.

Can my child bring their mobile phone?
Yes, they can bring a mobile phone but it needs to be stored in their locker as there will be lots of activities going on and we will need their full attention without the distraction of a phone. We do not accept responsibility if the phone is damaged within our Youth Zone.

My child has medication, how do you manage this?
If your child has prescription medication, please provide it labelled in a clear plastic bag. Please provide written consent for medication to be given with full instructions on dosage.