Meet our members – Shiloh, 18

Meet Shiloh

Shiloh joined our Youth Zone last summer. Before he came to The Way, he was shy and found it hard to socialise. He wanted to make friends and get involved in sports, particularly enjoying football and boxing.

Since joining us, he has grown in confidence, building good relationships with the staff, bantering about football. He enrolled into the Young Leader Programme, volunteering on the MUGA on Junior Session once a week. He’s regularly going into the gym to run,  actively focussing on his health. 

How did you feel when you first started?

I was nervous and very quiet. I wanted to make some more friends.

How do you feel now?
I feel so much more confident, I’ve made lots of good friends and each week I love and look forward to coming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Were there any challenges you have overcome or problems you have solved thanks to coming to the Youth Zone, and how it has helped?
Yes, I have managed my lack of confidence and nervousness by building up great relationships with the staff and key workers.

What do you like about attending the Youth Zone?
I like the boxing sessions, football 7-a-side, mixed martial arts with Inpower Academy on a Monday evening, playing football with the guys from Wolves Foundation on a Monday evening and playing FIFA with my friends and the staff.

How has attending the Youth Zone changed you?
It has definitely made me become more physically active, the Youth Zone has helped me to step out of my comfort zone, talk to different types of people and to try lots of different activities.

What’s different in your life now because of this and why?
I now look forward to seeing my friends outside of the college in the week. I look forward to be able to try different things and activities during the week and I look forward to volunteering as a Young Leader in the Juniors session on a Thursday evening.