Meet Our Members

Meet our members

Every one of our members is writing their own story – learning new skills, trying new activities, finding out who they want to be. Our Youth Zone is proud to be a part of that and we want to shout about all of the good things we do! But why not hear it from the people who matter the most.

Bartosz, 11

This is our chess champion, Bartosz. He had never played chess before joining our Youth Zone but, with his love for maths, he has become a regular face in our chess club and a tournament champion. He has even beat the chess club coach!

Shiloh, 18

After joining The Way last summer, Shiloh has gone from strength to strength, becoming more confident and  completing our Young Leaders Programme.

Karol, 20

This is our awesome volunteer, Karol. She started at our Youth Zone as a member last year and she loved it so much, she decided she wanted to become part of the team!