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“To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible”

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The Way Youth Zones Mentoring Programme is dedicated to providing opportunities to individuals within the community who want to give something back and change a young persons life. Volunteer mentors come from all walks of life and all have something different to offer.


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We recognise the importance of mentors and are dedicated to ensuring that mentors:

  • Are provided with continuous CPD information, advice and guidance with many mentors utilising this as a placement for a course or degree. Lots of our past mentors have also progressed into paid work as a result of the experience they gained on the programme.
  • Are provided with in-depth training prior to starting their role and receives ongoing support from the team throughout.
  • Get the chance to engage in regular social activities such as meals out & trips to theatre, either free or at a significantly reduced cost as a way of increasing social interaction between mentors and as a thank you for your hard work.



Apply Now

If you are you aged 21 and over, can volunteer 1-2 hours a week for up to 18 months and are committed to changing a young persons life through mentoring then click below to apply now.