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“Treat every young person as though they are already the individual they are capable of becoming”

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There are a growing number of difficulties facing young people in todays world, with many of them exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) during childhood, leading to an increased risk of poor mental and physical health in later life (REACh, 2018).

Many of our young people across Wolverhampton have grown up without any positive adult role models to guide and support them. Safe, stable and nurturing relationships are shown to have a positive impact on the negative effects of ACEs and can significantly help young people to reach their full potentials as they get older (REACh, 2018).

A mentor is a supportive adult with who young people can talk to and trust. It is these positive and encouraging relationships that have a significant and transformative impact upon young people, improving long term health, well-being, education, employment, relationships, aspiration and overall quality of life.

A mentor is an individual who is able to see the full capabilities of their mentee when they cannot see it themselves and is able to offer long term, individualised, support focused on enabling growth and development of the mentee.