Targeted – Inclusion Support (Learn more)

Inclusion Support

The Way is inclusive and we’d encourage people of all abilities to visit. Though we don’t offer one-to-one support on sessions, If you need the support of a carer they can come in with you too (they’ll need to provide reception with an up-to-date DBS check). 

SEND Families Sessions – Starting from Saturday 5th November, from 10-12.30pm, we will be holding a weekly session for SEND families. We’ll be offering a rotation of activities including art, our recreational space and team games, as well as our sensory room. We also run our families session on a Saturday afternoon, 1pm to 4pm and we would love it if our SEND families would stay and join us after their morning session. 

No need to book, just come along. The first two sessions will be free of charge, after that they will only be 50p per person.