‘It was great, I cant lie’.

Those were the words of Wolverhampton musician and social campaigner VITAL after he wowed the city’s Slade Rooms in a headline show to promote his latest material.

Called the Clean Hearts Only show, it took place last Sunday and was well-received by fans old and new.

“There were loads of people, everyone was happy, everything ran smooth and the show really showed what Wolverhampton is able to pull together if it’s done right for the young people from the city,” the former The Ticket unsigned page star told us. VITAL invited plenty of local talent to get involved with the night, including some of the youngsters he helps to learn about the world of music at the city’s youth zone The Way.

Koketso Ximba, known by the stage name Y.T, Jahni Dyer, AKA JD Sqauda, and Tarelle Harvey (T.ace) all took to the stage with their idol and loved the experience.

“They all come to The Way and Vital often helps them to make music, write and produce songs,” a spokeswoman for the youth zone added. “They have recently created a music video for The Way produced by Vital.

“Vital is an integral part of the youth team and his dedication in helping young people express themselves through music really demonstrates how music plays a key part in young people’s lives.”

Hosted by Andre Soul, the night also featured DJ Kingpin and DJ Simmz controlling audio for the night as well as performances from VITAL himself and Jinx Touchwood, Cicero, K2, Tynee, BeeNiice, Elektric, Heckz, Phundo Art, Movez, West Lee and the young performers from The Way.

It was sponsored by BeatsABar Music Project and Baby People, among others.

“The show was a sequel to the one I did last year called POWERS,” VITAL added. “This time around it was Clean Hearts Only and that was the consistent energy through the whole night.

“It was such a great experience having friends, family, supporters and Wolverhampton people there in the building, people from Rotterdam, Toronto, Manchester, Birmingham and other surrounding areas.

“They were all there in unison to enjoy everyone’s talents and there was nothing but great energy.

“Overall I’m glad to say I have done two successful headline shows in my home city and I don’t know who else could actually say that. So it’s a blessing and I’m thankful to my family, all my friends and the team that worked with me.”

*This article was published by Leigh Sanders at The Express and Star.

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