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Got any questions? We hope you will find the answers below helpful, however if we haven’t covered a topic that you would like more information on, please contact us via email: and we would be happy provide a response.





Who runs The Way Youth Zone?

A new charity has been formed called Wolverhampton Youth Zone, the Board of Trustees are local business people alongside the Council, who as volunteers will ensure the new charity delivers for the young people of Wolverhampton. The Chairman of Wolverhampton Youth Zone is John Gough. The day-to-day management of the Youth Zone is the responsibility of a team of qualified, trained and experienced paid staff.

How much does the Youth Zone cost to run?

The annual running costs for the Youth Zone will be approximately £1million. This includes for example; staffing costs, equipment, and support of volunteers (including DBS checks), insurance, maintenance and utilities. The on-going financial support needed will be made up from a mixture of members’ contributions (e.g. 50p), support from Wolverhampton City Council and the support of the private sector and local community.

Staffing being the most significant running cost demonstrates a substantial investment in frontline provision for young people. Wolverhampton Youth Zone has created over 50 positions (including sessional staff, part time and full time employees).





Why did you choose the site where The Way is located?

We were lucky enough to be given a prominent site right next to the skate park, which is accessible for all the young people of Wolverhampton. The chosen location for The Way is prominent and the iconic building design will make a statement about the value Wolverhampton places on its young people. In a recent consultation by Wolverhampton City Council with young people about the Youth Zone, out of the 456 young people asked, 72.1% said they would use a city centre Youth Zone.

Are young people from all over Wolverhampton to travelling to use the Youth Zone?

Yes, young people are travelling from all areas of Wolverhampton to come to The Way Youth Zone. Here’s a lovely map to prove it:


Will the city centre location of The Way Youth Zone increase anti-social behaviour?

The impact of other Youth Zones in their local areas has been extremely positive with statistics showing that the Youth Zones have actually contributed towards the decrease in anti-social behaviour.

For example, local police in Wigan recently reported that they have seen a 77% reduction in ASB from 2013-14 since the Youth Zone has been open.

Likewise in summer 2012, Tim Forber, the Chief Superintendent Divisional Commander for Oldham, reported that the opening of the Youth Zone in Oldham (Mahdlo) had impacted on the quarterly year-on-year statistics for the borough where anti-social behaviour involving young people had dropped by 30% and young people being victims of street crime had dropped by 40%.

Blackburn Town Centre Sergeant, Nick Everett, has also reported that anti-social behaviour has markedly decreased in and around the town centre as a result of the Youth Zone and partnership working around individual young people known to them. He also commended the impact of our outreach programme on engaging young people who spend their time on the streets of the town centre..

I’m a community group, how do I access The Way?

The Way is for all of Wolverhampton’s Young People and we welcome other young and community groups to come and make use of the Way. You can do this during the our open sessions as long as all young people are members of The Way and pay 50p each session. If your staff want to visit as well please contact so we can discuss a partnership arrangement and cover all safeguarding requirement such as DBS.

If you want to discuss daytime access during term time please contact Unfortunately during school holidays we run our holiday club from 8 AM – 6 PM so access is limited as the building is in use.





Where did the name “The Way” come from?

The name for Wolverhampton Youth Zones, The Way was chosen by a group of local young people as part of a 6 week project with Wolverhampton based Synaxis. The young people had the opportunity to present their ideas to the Wolverhampton board.

I’m disabled, are there any specific activities for me?

Though we don’t offer one-to-one care, we are an inclusive facility for young people. Just come to one of our sessions – if you need a carer they can come into The Way Youth Zone with you (they’ll need to provide proof of a DBS check and proof of employment though). If you’ve got any questions please contact Jess our Inclusion Coordinator at

Does the Youth Zone provide services to young people with additional needs?

All existing Youth Zone provide and cater for young people with a range of additional needs up to the age of 25 through inclusive ability sessions alongside the mainstream offer. The sessions are adapted for young people with additional needs. These sessions are open for a wide range of young people to access; including young people with a variety of different needs from mild learning difficulties to more complex needs such as visual impairment and physical disabilities. We have a family and disability session on Sunday from 12pm-3pm.

Is The Way Youth Zone safe for young people?

The Way Youth Zone is a very safe and supportive environment for young people. We operate a 10:1 staffing ratio which means for every 10 young people there’s 1 member of our Youth Team. All young people sign up to a behavioural agreement. On Senior nights we may use a search wand to detect metal objects. The whole facility is covered by state of the art CCTV too. If a young person feels unhappy or uncomfortable we’d encourage them to let a member of our Youth Team know immediately.

How do I find out what’s going on in The Way Youth Zone?

If you’re in The Way just ask a member of staff or look on our big screens. We have list of the activities at

Are young people from across Wolverhampton mixing together in the Youth Zone?

One of the major strengths of a Youth Zone is the way young people from different areas and backgrounds are able to mix in a neutral space. Evidence from existing Youth Zones suggests that their members will mix with their peers from different backgrounds, as well as young people from a range of local areas in the town / city, as long as the offer is good enough.

My young person is shy and may need extra mentoring is this a service that is provided?

We would encourage the carers of shy young people to let a member of staff know so they can support and encourage that young person in the Youth Zone. Our Youth Team are trained to look out for these young people and engage them too. We will be shortly launching our first mentoring programme where young people who have been identified as needing that extra support can have 1-2-1 guidance with a qualified mentor.

Will my child be safe travelling to and from the Youth Zone via public transport?

The safety of our young people is of paramount importance to us. Our discussions with Centro and will determine if there is a need to re-route certain bus services via the Youth Zone to create a safer travelling experience for young people. We’ll also be speaking to our young people to explore their thoughts on transportation to the Youth Zone and all possible options

Can parents attend the session at The Way alongside their child?

The Way is safe place for the city’s young people and is staffed by a team of specialist staff and coaches, trained youth workers and volunteers. Unfortunately, we can’t let parents wait in the session with their young people as we require all adult on site to be trained and have under gone DBS.

On Sunday, We have a Family and Disability session which allows adults to come into The Way with their children. Disabled young people who wish to access our mainstream session can bring a carer with them as long as that carer has been DBS checked.