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“Mentors help to pave THE WAY forward to happier, healthier futures”

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The Way Youth Zones Mentoring Programme started in October 2017 and is continuously providing support to more and more young people within the West Midlands.

The Mentoring Programme, due to its ability to quickly and effectively match mentee’s and mentors, has been providing young people and their families with the support they need, at the time they need it.

Every mentoring match is completely different and incredibly unique in their own way. Mentee’s aren’t pushed to achieve pre-set goals but instead are supported as an individual, with a focus on what they want to work on and the areas they need support in.

The matching procedure is innovative and effective ensuring that mentee’s and mentors are matched based on a range of relevant areas including personality, demographics, preferences and availability.

To help them achieve their goals, each mentee has access to a monthly allowance which provides an opportunity to experience new things, visit new places and meet new people.

The programme so far has enabled mentee’s and mentors to travel to different cities, try new foods, train in new sports and also give something back to our community by volunteering together in food banks and shelters.

Team Members


Billie James
Mentoring Lead


Emma Shippey
Mentoring Coordinator


Sara Gardiner
Mentoring Admin Coordinator


Mitchell Hubble
Mentoring Youth Worker


Zenni Shaw
Mentoring Youth Worker