The 1000 Club

The 1000 Club

The Way’s 1000 Club is a unique opportunity for local businesses to come together to change the lives of the young people in our community. Your donation will help shape the next generation of leaders and potential employees. Join us in creating a legacy for our city’s young people.

Your support

Your pledge of support is critical to the continuing success of The Way, and will help provide unique, fun, and inspiring opportunities to young people, as well as offering additional layers of enrichment activities or subsidising membership and entrance fees for those who cannot afford it.


Accreditation on our website and promotion on our social media platforms


Invitation to 1000 Club member events and regular news updates


Demonstrable social value for your business and use of The Way’s Youth Zone logo for your corporate branding

Pledge your support

It could not be simpler to become a member of The Way’s 1000 Club. You can either pay online on our website (a single donation or monthly payments of £83.33), or send a cheque made payable to Wolverhampton Youth Zone.


Making a difference

Helping us to change the lives of young people within our community.